Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Lessons on Line

Its time has come, its emergence into the music education world is inevitable, we have both the audio and video technology to assure that it works. I have enjoyed exploring in this new teaching mode possibility and have been struck by how efficient it is and the possibilities it opens.

Setting up the camera and microphone is not difficult and in most cases the microphone in the computer seems functional enough. In fact, the only problem regarding both audio and video is having the highest quality Internet connection possible, which unfortunately, is not consistent from location to location or even day to day. Skype, which usually works very well in Japan, needs to also work well also at the location of the student. The only problem I’ve experienced is that sometimes there is a small amount of static, which is a Skype problem.

There is absolutely no question that this new mode of music education will become increasingly more available. Of course, it’s been available in general education for the last decade but the study of mathematics, medicine and economics rarely requires the high quality digital sound necessary in music.

There are other small problems to study. Of course, both the teacher and student need to have a copy of the printed music printed music; are there copyright laws to be concerned about in making the music available on line?

And how shall the method of payment work not to mention what the payment should be; should an e-lesson cost the same as a private lesson when the student comes to the teacher? --- Not serious problems but still decisions that need to be made.

I’m especially enjoying dreaming of the aspect of teaching on line frequently enough to make a livable income. It’s a nice dream because that would enable the teacher the possibility of living almost anywhere in the world of his choosing. Happily, if that possibility should present itself I think I would stay in Japan right where I am now.

If you would like to take a trial e-lesson please contact me. I expect to have everything worked out by September. In the meantime I plan to take a non-musical vacation exploring the beauties of this amazing country.

Tokyo, July 9, 2009