Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Teaching and Travel:
My Passions
Since 1989, when I resigned from the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, I have been extremely fortunate to reside in Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan and Mexico. And from those locations as my centers I have literally been privileged to teach all over the world.
I was very happy with that situation until the arrival of COVID-19. Now, for the foreseeable future it seems travel is no longer an option, even today I’m feeling the frustration having had to cancel a week of teaching in Taiwan, which I was very much looking forward to.
Fortunately, the Internet provides me with the facility to continue my passion for teaching with the extra benefit of enjoying an international enrollment.
If any of my readers are interested in taking lessons with me, I would enjoy meeting you, hearing you, and getting to know you. You can contact me on Facebook Messenger or on my email,
Roger Bobo, July 1, 2020